This is where I dump any thoughts and ideas that i feel are noteworthy even if only to myself. My expression space which I hope will evolve organically into something which for now is for me to know and you to find out later.

So how do I feel about this outdoor room by Kerimov Prishin Architects of Russia? Well I love the whole idea of an outdoor living culture & I also like the turn that contemporary architecture has taken; the whole industrial, bare material aesthetic. You know, show me the truth about how your structure was made, how your vision was realized. I am of the same persuasion as those of the Arts & craft movement of the 1920s or so. Now this is the crux of why I dislike this structure. One is under the impression that it is a purely concrete and timber structure, but no it is a steel skeleton sheathed with wood fixed to a concrete foundation. I suppose wood is more limiting than steel in terms of performing gravity defying feats, but  then steel doesn’t have that human warmth. I’m still not comfortable with pretend tactics, come up with another solution then, be more creative. I maybe harsh & you may ask, would I have done better? Let us see if I can, check out my upcoming submission to the TIFF AWARD 2012 international design competition. Lets see if I am all talk & no game. Peace & love. for more architecture

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